Stroke City blues

May 2015. The music from the bar was keeping me up late at the inn. Folks downstairs seemed to be obsessed with Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues for it played often throughout the evening. It should’ve been a nice slice of home for a Tennessean like me. Instead, it stirred a nasty feeling within – …

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English patience

May 2015. The train guard made the announcement in a calm but stern voice, “The train will not be leaving until an abusive passenger has left it.” It was inevitable after what happened moments ago. The Arriva Wales train left Crewe on its way to Cardiff. There was a slight delay, but nothing of consequence. …

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Blame it on the fairies!

May 2015. “My bum hurt!” Each step was excruciating. Sitting wasn’t an issue since the rash got irritated only when I walked. I was confined to the bed in my Liverpool hotel, waiting for the pain to subside. “How could this have happened?” I wondered. It might have started in Belfast. There were long walks …

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