For adults only

(Warning: This tale may not be fit for those with delicate sensibilities.) May 2016. A woman’s voice from one room drowned out the soft jazz music piped into the hallway. Her moans died down as I moved toward the elevator. Then, giggles drifted from another room nearby. Elevator music eventually blocked out the earthy sounds …

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To trash or not to trash?

July 2018. That’s the question that befuddled me as I scanned for a table at the half-empty McDonald’s restaurant in Rome’s Termini train station. I scouted for a clean space amid all the half-eaten and wrapper-filled food trays that diners had left behind. After clearing away the waste from one table, I pondered the answer …

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Dazed and confused in Osaka

May 2016. The young American with his backpack was in trouble. Two Japanese girls couldn’t make heads or tails of what he was saying. I finally stepped in and offered, “Can I help?” “Thank God!” he exclaimed. “Someone who can speak English.” He said that he was taking the train to the domestic airport but …

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