Symphony in marble and bronze

July 2018. As much as I tried to make sense of them, the statuary at the balcony of the Loggia dei Lanzi on the Piazza della Signioria befuddled me. The five main statues portraying Greek and Roman myths tantalized the first time I visited Florence. And on my succeeding visits, I couldn’t help but return …

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To trash or not to trash?

July 2018. That’s the question that befuddled me as I scanned for a table at the half-empty McDonald’s restaurant in Rome’s Termini train station. I scouted for a clean space amid all the half-eaten and wrapper-filled food trays that diners had left behind. After clearing away the waste from one table, I pondered the answer …

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Venice, the most serene city

December 2013. A boy gleefully chased the pigeons that flocked on the Piazza San Marco. Anywhere else, it wouldn’t merit a second glance. But in Venice, this playful gesture was iconic. The place lived up to the legend. History oozed from every crevice. Romance drifted along its canals. I fully expected to see Marco Polo …

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