That sinking feeling

January 2009. The MV Kalangala was revving up its engines by the time the hotel shuttle dropped us off at dockside at Lutuboka. Other passengers were packed like sardines inside the passenger hold. All I could do was stand on the open car deck near the bow. I wedged myself in between an SUV and …

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An evening on the Takutu

January 2008. I threw my pack at the foot of the hotel bed in Lethem, deciding on whether to snuggle under the covers or head for the shower. Both beckoned alluringly. The power could go out in the middle of the night (and it did). My sweat would then mix with the dust on my …

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Crossing Sarawak

June 2009. Disappointed. That’s what I felt when I boarded the ferry at the river port of Sibu along the Batang Rejang. I wasn’t having the adventure that I dreamed of when I decided to traverse Borneo. The Jackie Chan movies endlessly screening on the television are grating on my nerves. Redmond O’Hanlon’s Into the …

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