Questions at the Australian War Memorial

June 2014. The names of the fallen were etched on the walls of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The list was laid out like a carpet of spring grass cut at the prime of their lives. Red poppies were pinned beside those from recent wars in Southeast Asia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The trail of …

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Terra Australis

June 2014. On a California military base, a man in a protective suit entered the room and discovered the truth – the wind was blowing on the arm of a telegraph machine, causing it to tap indecipherable messages. Back on the American submarine, the crew had a look of resignation. They were anticipating someone was …

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Uluru: The ecstasy and the agony

May 2014. The sun has almost completed its arc across the sky. It delivered the whole day – dramatic lighting and shadows that saturated everyone’s award-winning photographs of Australia’s Red Center. As a parting gift, it chased away the cloud cover to frame Uluru with a late afternoon sky blue backdrop. The continent’s famed rock …

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