The minors

August 2003. It was the top of the ninth. The Greensboro Bats had maintained their lead, scoring runs to match the visiting team’s. They only needed two more outs to send their fans home with a win. But the starting pitcher had just been relieved after loading the bases. A man seated behind me shouted …

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The joy of chicken in a corner of London

December 2018. The line wasn’t as long as I feared. It went north on Earl’s Court Road and stopped short of the street corner. A yellow-vested security officer kept it in order, regularly checking inside the restaurant to see how many people to let in. Those in line excitedly talked about what they were having. …

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Just get me to Beijing!

June 2011. I felt defeated but relieved when the woman behind the ticket window asked, “Where?” “Beijing,” I replied. “Passport, please.” She issued the train ticket and advised, “Run. The train leaves in fifteen minutes.” “Xie xie (thank you).” I ran toward the gate and joined the queue for the high-speed train. I didn’t have …

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