About the site

One embraces adventure to learn from it,
and reflect on what one learns for self-improvement.

The dictionary defines adventure as “an exciting or remarkable experience.” Highly subjective, adventures can be monumental or trivial. They can happen on the other side of the world or right at home. You can dive headlong into them or they can run smack into you.

Unlock the door and embrace these adventures.

“Twenty years from now you will be
more disappointed by the things
that you didn’t do than
by the ones you did do.”
(Mark Twain, American writer)

Learn from each adventure.

“A traveler without observation
is a bird without wings.”
(Saadi, Iranian poet)

Reflect on what you learn to gain wisdom.

“The longest journey
is the journey inward.”
(Dag Hammarskjold,
U.N. Secretary-General)


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